"Unbelievable magic under our very noses! Reactions ranged from amazement and stunned disbelief, to shreeks of glee! Professional entertainment at its very best. Justin is a real must have at any corporate event."

Sheila Robertson
Kansas City, MO

Upcoming Public Performances*

Justin will be performing at:

Magic, Magicians, and Mayhem at the Mall
East Hills Shopping Center
Saint Joseph, MO - October 14th

All other current bookings are private events and not open to the public.

Contact Justin to confirm.

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Guaranteed Results

Mythic Magic guarantees that our performances are a unique blend of magic fused with comedy that will make your event memorable, entertaining and fun, or you’ll get the show FREE. We will even donate $500 to your favorite charity.

We know the monetary value of our Guarantee is nowhere near as important as the success of your event, but this is our way of providing you with reassurance based on our excellent track record of solid performances for many other large corporate events.

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Learn more about the Performance Packages

Silver Package

Close-up / Strolling / Table-side Magic

Silver – 1 Hour: Entertains groups up to 75
Silver – 2 Hours: Entertains groups up to 150
Silver – 3 Hours: Entertains groups up to 225
Silver – 4-6 Hours: Entertains groups up to 450

Gold Package

A Parlor Magic Show that entertains groups up to 30, in a comedy club style performance
(Note: this show can entertain groups of up to 250 with the addition of a sound system)

Gold: 30 – 40 Minutes
Parlor Magic Show (Entertains groups up to 30)

Gold Plus: 30 – 40 Minutes
Parlor Magic Show – With Sound System (Entertains groups up to 250)


A combination of the Silver and Gold Plus Packages that includes your choice of:

  • 1 - Silver Package
  • 1 - Gold Plus Package AND the sound system upgrade is included FREE!
  • Added Bonus – By combining these shows into one you also get a $100 Discount! That’s a $350 Savings!!!

Platinum: 1.5 hours: Silver 1 Hour + Gold Plus
Platinum: 2.5 hours: Silver 2 Hours + Gold Plus
Platinum: 3.5 hours: Silver 3 Hours + Gold Plus
Platinum: 4.5-6.5 hours: Silver 4-6 Hours + Gold Plus

Please describe your event in the box below with as many details as possible!