"Justin stunned everyone with his silky smooth magic at our recent Awards Banquet. He was professional and non-intrusive, while being friendly and approachable. People were left in awe by the many impossible things he was doing! He was not just amazing, but quite possibly the funniest man I have ever met. He was an invaluable addition to the evening’s activities, and one that I would recommend for any event!"

Neil Visser – Program Director
Overland Park, KS


Magician Mystifies with Unique Act,

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All current bookings are private events and not open to the public.

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Guaranteed Results

Mythic Magic guarantees that our performances are a unique blend of magic fused with comedy that will make your event memorable, entertaining and fun, or you’ll get the show FREE. We will even donate $500 to your favorite charity.

We know the monetary value of our Guarantee is nowhere near as important as the success of your event, but this is our way of providing you with reassurance based on our excellent track record of solid performances for many other large corporate events.

Referral Program

Photo of Justin ScottHere’s an outstanding offer that makes everyone a winner!

Every time you refer someone who books a show you will receive a cashier’s check for $25 once the show is completed. Being able to refer someone to your friends confidently feels great—you know you’ve done them a favor and you know they will be delighted with the service they receive.

Now it’s even better because you’ll get a special thank you from me: a $25 cashier’s check to use for anything you like…gas, dinner out, clothes, movies, whatever.  By the way, there’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make!  It’s a small thank you for helping spread the word. 

Everyone wins!

P.S.  Be sure your friends let me know who referred them when they book me, so I can make sure you get the credit you deserve!