"Unbelievable magic under our very noses! Reactions ranged from amazement and stunned disbelief, to shreeks of glee! Professional entertainment at its very best. Justin is a real must have at any corporate event."

Sheila Robertson
Kansas City, MO

Upcoming Public Performances*

Justin will be performing at:

Magic, Magicians, and Mayhem at the Mall
East Hills Shopping Center
Saint Joseph, MO - October 14th

All other current bookings are private events and not open to the public.

Contact Justin to confirm.

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Guaranteed Results

Mythic Magic guarantees that our performances are a unique blend of magic fused with comedy that will make your event memorable, entertaining and fun, or you’ll get the show FREE. We will even donate $500 to your favorite charity.

We know the monetary value of our Guarantee is nowhere near as important as the success of your event, but this is our way of providing you with reassurance based on our excellent track record of solid performances for many other large corporate events.

Performance Types

Corporate Events & Parties

For almost twenty years companies have relied on Justin's services in varied capacities ranging from product promotions to holiday banquets. His professionalism, corporate friendly humor and incredible ability to captivate audiences are highly valued tools that will help you reach your goals. Companies like Harrah's, Sprint PCS, Budweiser, Cisco, and many others have already used Justin's abilities to capture imagination, focus attention and improve retention of company messaging.

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Private Parties & Events

No matter what kind of event you have planned, Justin can tailor his performance to fit the occasion, everything from family gatherings to bachelor parties.

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Performance Packages

Silver Package

The Silver Package consists of strolling close-up magical entertainment. Gatherings of up to twelve people at a time are given their own personal magical experience as cards, coins, and other small props become amazing in this intimate performance.

Then the next group is engaged and entertained spreading a contagious feeling of fun and excitement throughout the event. This type of entertainment has several features:

  • Immediately creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement
  • Encourages interaction by providing an amazing topic of discussion
  • An amazing personal experience as guests become drawn into the magic

Strolling close-up magic is completely self contained-it requires no special set-up or stage. Additionally it blends seamlessly with other presentations or functions which may be planned.

Optionally this package can be expanded to up to 6 hours of entertainment.

  • Silver – 1 Hour – Close-up Magic
  • Silver – 2 Hours – Close-up Magic
  • Silver – 3 Hours – Close-up Magic
  • Silver – 4-6 Hours – Close-up Magic

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Gold Package

An unforgettable blend of standup comedy and amazing magic: The Gold Package is a hilarious thirty minute stage performance that has audiences laughing out loud and keeps them talking long after the show is over.

  • Universal appeal that amazes people of all demographics
  • Memories of fun and laughter that last for years to come
  • A high energy, family friendly comedy magic show

The gold package creates the perfect atmosphere by invigorating people and focusing their attention. This can be a fantastic way to get your audience ready to hear important production information, participate in a team building event or simply end the event with a bang!

The Gold Package Plus alleviates the need to rent and set up a sound system. This enhancement includes a sound system, microphones and music for the show with no extra effort on your part! This allows the show to play to a much larger audience and adds an extra level of production value that really “kicks it up a notch!”

Gold – 30 – 40 Minutes – Small groups – 30 or less – no sound required
Gold – 30 – 40 Minutes – Large Groups – 30 – 250– sound required

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Platinum Package

The Platinum Package takes care of your events entertainment needs-it couldn’t be easier! By combining the Silver and Gold Plus entertainment packages creating synergy as the strolling magic builds a strong sense of anticipation toward the stage show that is to come.

Best of all, you’ll receive $300 (or more!) in discounts when you invest in The Platinum Package-the sound system enhancement of the gold plus package is included at no additional cost!

Imagine being the hero for being able to take care of everything from the entertainment to the staging and sound so effectively-and being able to do it all with one call-The Platinum Package makes it possible!

Platinum – 1.5 hours – 1 hour close-up + 30 minute Stage – Sound included
Platinum – 2.5 hours – 2 hours close-up + 30 minute Stage – Sound included
Platinum – 3.5 hours – 3 hours close-up + 30 minute Stage – Sound included
Platinum – 4.5-6.5 hours – 4-6 hours close-up + 30 minute Stage – Sound included

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