"Justin Scott was PHENOMENAL all the guests thought he was fantastic and are still talking about the show! Score: 11/10 "

Joyce Waller
St. Joseph, MO

Upcoming Public Performances*

Justin will be performing at:

Magic, Magicians, and Mayhem at the Mall
East Hills Shopping Center
Saint Joseph, MO - October 14th

All other current bookings are private events and not open to the public.

Contact Justin to confirm.

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Guaranteed Results

Mythic Magic guarantees that our performances are a unique blend of magic fused with comedy that will make your event memorable, entertaining and fun, or you’ll get the show FREE. We will even donate $500 to your favorite charity.

We know the monetary value of our Guarantee is nowhere near as important as the success of your event, but this is our way of providing you with reassurance based on our excellent track record of solid performances for many other large corporate events.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're currently putting together the content for this page. If you have a question, please feel free to email Justin Scott directly.

Photo of Justin Scott

How did Justin get started in magic?

When asked how he got his start in magic, Justin often tells the following story. He swears that every word is true:

Justin’s earliest memories are of wanting to do magic. He wanted to levitate, to make things invisible, and perhaps even change himself into one of his favourite superheroes. So at four years old, he asked Santa for a “spell book” for Christmas. With this he could do all of those fantastic things he dreamed about. But Christmas came and went, and there was no spell book to be seen. Though disappointed, he knew that Santa was a busy man and had probably just forgotten. So he waited. The following year he placed the words “Spell Book” at the top of his Christmas list. But again, Christmas came and went. No spell book. So at five years old, Justin swore that he would never ask Santa for anything again. And he didn’t. He took it upon himself to learn magic. He got a magic set at age seven, and for years read every book he could find that had to do with magic or magicians, and eventually became a magician himself.

At age 24 he had already been performing professionally as a magician in Kansas City for a number of years. One evening he stepped out on to his porch and saw a present wrapped in iridescent green paper and a wide red ribbon. It was clearly a Christmas present despite the fact that it was still early September. Inside, Justin found a children’s magic book and a card. The card read: “I’m sorry it’s so late, but I hope you still get some use out of it! Love, Santa”.

Now, Justin has told the story of how he got started in magic to numerous people over the years. And despite the fact that no one has stepped forward to take credit, some have suggested that one of his many fans took it upon themselves to fulfil his childhood dream. Perhaps. But Justin himself would prefer not to know. He would instead prefer to let the mystery stand, and experience for himself that sense of wonder that he so often creates.

Photo of Justin Scott